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Freeman stars on shorthanded diving lineup at California Baptist

Freeman placed 16th on the men's 3-meter board with 472.50 points for California Baptist stepping into a bigger role on the team as a true freshman during a bout of injuries on the dive team. Lancer Athletics

Two California Baptist University divers took on the best the sport has to offer at the NCAA level when they took part in the UCLA Diving Invitational on Friday, Jan. 12.

Injuries limited the Lancers' participation, with Zane Freeman and Savannah Uhlir representing CBU on the men's and women's side, respectively. The duo went up against top Division I divers from schools like USC, Cal, Stanford, Hawaii, San Diego State, Utah, UNLV and much more.

Freeman placed 16th on the men's 3-meter board with 472.50 points. The true freshmen, who dove at a 16.30 degree of difficulty qualified for the finals and beat out D-I divers from Cal, UNLV and Cal Poly. He even topped out Cal's Jonathan Robinson, another true freshman and top prospect.

"It was just an incredible performance at that high of a level for a true freshman to beat seniors and Division I divers," Coach Jeff Couto said. "We couldn't be more proud of him, with his discipline, determination and growth."

Uhlir topped divers from UNLV, Cal, UC Davis, Cal Poly and San Diego State when she took 46th on the women's 1-meter. She amassed 195.75 points on a 13.40 degree of difficulty list.

"Within her first three dives, she was seeded 15th," Couto said. "Those were her best three dives by far in any competition, she really raised the bar."