Wilke wows at Jamestown Speedway

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Tye Wilke (72) and Ryan Braseth (29) battle for the lead in a legends heat race at Jamestown Speedway on Saturday, Aug. 29. Michael Savaloja / The Sun

Detroit Lakes' Tye Wilke capped a championship season at the Jamestown Speedway Saturday, Aug. 29 recording his third track title of the INEX Legends racing season.

Wilke's understated explanation to his stellar 2020 season highlighted a brutal truth.

Some people are just better at certain things than others.

"Oh, nothing," Wilke said in response to where he's found all his speed this summer. "Just hold my lines, making my marks and trying to get through traffic."


Tye Wilke, a 16-year-old from Detroit Lakes, is going for a sweep of four track titles next weekend at the Lisbon Raceway Track Championship Sunday, Sept. 6. Robert Williams / Tribune

The 16-year-old legends driver wrapped up his third track championship of the season with his 20th victory of 2020, and his shot at title No. 4 Sunday in Lisbon was only stopped by rainfall. Wilke is currently leading the Lisbon standings by 46 points.

Wilke led 17 of 20 laps and successfully crossed-over Bismarck's Drew Papke who tossed a slider at the young driver exiting Turn 2 on the final lap. Wilke attempted a similar maneuver on Papke last week, which Papke also survived to win.

Wilke won the points title by 72 markers over Ulen's Ryan Braseth. He's also locked up championships in Ada, Minnesota, and West Fargo.

"I was waiting for it to come," Wilke said of Papke's slide job. "I tried to do it last week but it really didn't stick.

"This has been the best year I've ever had."

Alex Braseth of Ulen finished the season seventh in the points standings.

Other area finishers included Hawley's Noah Lewis and Joseph Lewis who placed second and third, respectively in the Jr. Slingshots point standings.


Cole Babcock of Rothsay was fourth and Marlyn Seidler of Underwood eighth in IMCA Modifieds.

Wilke had close runs to titles at Norman County Raceway and Red River Valley Speedway last week.

According to a report in the Crookston Times, despite winning over half of the Seedex INEX Legends features in 2020, the championship race came down to the final lap of the feature on Thursday. Wilke had to beat Ryan Braseth, by four positions to secure the title and did so, finishing fourth to Braseth’s second place, securing the title by two points.

A win in the feature Friday at Red River Valley Speedway gave Wilke the points title by eight points over Moorhead’s Brody Carlsrud.

Jamestown Speedway

Final Point standings (Top 10)

INEX Legends: 1. Tye Wilke, Detroit Lakes (MN), 888; 2. Ryan Braseth, Ulen (MN), 816; 3. Donavin Wiest, Wishek, 789; 4. Dylan Johnson, Durbin, 738; 5. Brian Hanson, Jamestown, 704; 6. Joshua Wiest, Jamestown, 694; 7. Alex Braseth, Ulen (MN), 688; 8. Chuck Christ, Jamestown, 662; 9. Terry Sahr, Jamestown, 591; 10. Collin Compson, Valley City, 555.

Jr. Slingshots: Joseph Banish, Milnor, 381; 2. Noah Lewis, Hawley (MN), 337; 3. Joseph Lewis, Hawley (MN), 306; 4. Zander Compson, Valley City, 295; 5. Sierra Davenport, Bismarck, 294.


IMCA Modifieds: 1. John Nord, Enderlin, 281; 2. Rusty Kollman, Carrington, 277; 3. Scott Gartner, Jamestown, 255; 4. Cole Babcock, Rothsay (MN), 246; 5. John Corell, Jamestown, 244; 6. Shawn Becker, Jamestown, 242; 7. Jarrett Carter, Lisbon, 225; 8. Marlyn Seidler, Underwood, 219; 9. Lucas Rodin, Marion, 219; 10. Eric Edwards, Edgeley, 217.

Red River Valley Speedway

Final Point standings

INEX Legends:

1 Tye Wilke, Detroit Lakes, 235; 2 Brody Carlsrud, Moorhead 227; 3 Sean Johnson, Kindred, ND 219; 4 Ashton Spieker Sabin, 204; 5 Joshua Wiest Jamestown, ND 199; 6 Shaun Erickson, Glyndon, 190; 7 Ryan Braseth, Ulen, 180; 8 Dylan Johnson, Durbin, ND 133; 9 Ethan Mabus, Felton, 130; 10 Alex Braseth, Ulen 111.

Norman County Raceway

Final Point standings

INEX Legends:


1 Tye Wilke 296; 2 Ryan Braseth 294; 3 Brody Carlsrud 287; 4 Ashton Spieker 265; 5 Elzetta Bitker 251; 6 Tony Brockhouse 237; 7 Alex Braseth 177; 8 Kody King 108; 9 Alex Kukowski 37; 10 Sean Johnson 36.

Lisbon Raceway (As of Aug. 23)

Current Point standings

1 Tye Wilke 819; 2 Ryan Braseth 773; 3 Brody Carlsrud 698; 4 Sean Johnson 670; 5 Joshua Wiest 661; 6 Ashton Spieker 656; 7 Alex Braseth 649; 8 Shaun Erickson 618; 9 Chuck Christ 613; 10 Dylan Johnson 581.\u0009

Savaloja is the sports lead writer for The Jamestown Sun.
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