Not unlike Cinderella’s slipper, a bloody shoe fits and Robert Lawrence and Brian Erickstad are apprehended and returned to North Dakota for trial.

The search for the fugitives may be over but the insanity is just beginning. ‘Manson-like’ and disturbing, the East Sweet crew ramp up their support for the killers ten-fold with sick salutes, love letters and an inconceivable act of disrespect towards the victims’ families.

Former Bismarck police detectives Bob Haas and Lloyd Halvorson shake their heads and give us their own, present-day thoughts on what this crime meant:

What was this thing, really?

What may have actually happened that night and who was actually all in the know?

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What was the girl with the little red car thinking? Is she still alive? Can she give us answers today?

Listen to the fifth episode of "The House on Sweet and Seventh," the third season of true crime podcast Dakota Spotlight


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