In the third episode of Chasing Billy, we look closer at the one and only arrest that was made in this case. In November 1978, Billy Wolf's father, William Wolf Sr., was charged for the crime. The charges were soon dropped and the prosecutor told the press that they no longer had a specific suspect in mind.

Also in this episode, host James Wolner interviews Bud Warren of West Fargo. Bud Warren has an interesting relationship with this case. As a teenager, Bud went to school with Billy Wolf. Later in life, beginning in 1978, Bud started a career in law enforcement at the Cass County Sheriff's office. He served on the force for 20 years, working his way up through the department, eventually landing in investigations. Bud Warren investigated Billy's murder at length and remains dedicated to finding justice for Billy. In this interview, Bud shares his thoughts and insight with Dakota Spotlight.

Listen to the third episode of "Chasing Billy: A Pursuit for Justice" in the fourth season of true crime podcast Dakota Spotlight.

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