In the fourth episode of Chasing Billy, Dakota Spotlight and Forum Communications follow up on two leads sent into the tip line. Both tips included the name of someone they felt may have killed Billy Wolf. Law enforcement are familiar with one of these men but the other may be a name they have never heard before.

In looking at the lives of these two men, we travel from Utah, to the HI-10 motel in Fargo. This journey takes us into the world of illegal drugs, stolen guns, the alleged ‘Fargo Mafia’ and more.

Listen to the fourth episode of "Chasing Billy: A Pursuit for Justice" in the fourth season of true crime podcast Dakota Spotlight. (Or start with Episode 1, Episode 2" and Episode 3)

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SEASON 4 TIP LINE: Help the investigation: Did you know Billy? Do you have information? Contact us.

Leave a message: 701-451-5608

Email: truecrimepodcast@forumcomm.com or jwolner@forumcomm.com

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