Tips for keeping your faith in school

They say that your faith should be your biggest priority, and that's the truth. As a high school student, though, that challenge can be a bit intimidating. Being in high school when you're in sports and activities and take tough classes is like r...

They say that your faith should be your biggest priority, and that’s the truth.

As a high school student, though, that challenge can be a bit intimidating. Being in high school when you’re in sports and activities and take tough classes is like running on a hamster wheel while you’re dead exhausted. The work never stops, and you never get enough sleep. So how do you make God your first priority?

The reality is that if you don’t make God your first priority, you will go crazy. High school is stressful enough without the reassurance that you are loved no matter what and knowing that God has a plan for you.

The first part of the game plan should involve church – Sunday or another time. It doesn’t matter if it’s youth group, teaching Sunday school or a regular service. If you can spend three hours every night on school subjects, you can dedicate at least an hour to learning about God every week. You’ll find that it’s a rather refreshing break in the hamster wheel race.

I highly recommend giving teaching a Sunday school a chance. I know that this isn’t an option for everyone, but if it is, you should be aware of the fact that elementary kids really make you think and are pretty fun to be around.


Teaching Sunday school was the best part of my school year, and it was one of the few things that kept me going during the times where nothing seemed to be going right.

Another thing that really helps is to set aside a specific time for God each day. Whether that’s doing a devotion or reading the bible, make sure that you make a point to talk to God.

Also, make sure to listen to a lot of Christian music. After all the bad stuff you hear in high school, Francesca Battistelli and for King & Country can help you unwind and feel closer to God.

At some point you’re going to feel so overwhelmed that you won’t know what to do. This can be your reminder that prayer is essential. For the past two years, I have felt way over my head when the math final came around. I’m pretty sure that both times I cried at some point.

Each time, however, I submitted to God and felt really relieved after. I continued to study hard, and for two years in a row I have aced the math tests that I cried over. Praying to God for a peaceful mind and studying hard for a test is a magical formula if you want to do well on a test.

Following God is a lot more than just praying and going to church. It turns out that your school needs every bit of you to act like Jesus. Remember that it is your job to act just as Jesus would. That means treating everyone well, not being involved in gossip, and not judging others.

You have probably already figured out that it’s important to follow God’s standards for relationships and to stay away from drugs and alcohol. I’ll be the first to admit that I have fallen short of the standards of how to treat others, even though I follow the basic Christian lifestyle choices. However, if you put in effort, you will improve.

Above all, remember that even though schoolwork and extracurricular achievements are important, worship God above anything else. If you’re an overachiever, I know that you want to reach your goals more than anything else.


I can promise you that even if you are 1 percent off an A or if you have a bad sports season that God still has a plan for you. You see, even though you might not have everything go perfectly, God gives you the will to not give up.

I discovered that when I focused on my schoolwork and extracurricular activities more than God, I failed. It took me a little while, but eventually I realized that in order to truly succeed, God has to come first. After all, what matters most to him is how you love Him.

During the middle of my chaotic year, I stumbled across Psalms 147:10-11. It states: His delight is not in the strength of a horse, nor His pleasure in the speed of a runner; but the Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him, and those who hope in his steadfast love.

Always remember that God cares a whole lot more about how you treat others and how much you focus on Him, even though right now it is important to try the best at everything you do. People won’t always remember how good you are at a sport, but they’ll remember how you treated them.

This will be especially helpful in the high school setting. In high school, you are going to have all sorts of new experiences. You will probably experience success in some areas, not do as well in others, and experience many emotional up and downs.

Through it all, one thing remains: God is there with you. He’s cheering you on.

When you act like Jesus in a difficult situation, talk to him amid the stress and make time to worship Him, He celebrates. He’ll mourn with you during your disappointments and even open some new doors and make you tougher through it.

I wish you the best school year possible. In the craziness, don’t forget the one who loves you the most.


Holly McCamant is a senior at Frazee High School.

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